captured souls in a memory card

captured souls in a memory card

Help me find my owner

Help me find my owner
lost memory card

Anybody know us?

Anybody know us?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Wrestlers make Winter Champions!

Congratulations Western State Participants!

3rd place in a field of 30

Your hardwork and big hearts are paying off!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Improve yourself everyday. Do you want to be faster? Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to be smarter(Your mind is your strongest muscle)? Having troubles getting motivated? Give a coach a call!
Set Goals, Make a plan to accomplish those goals, and Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor

Only you can give yourself these gifts! Take Charge of your LIFE, and CHARGE YOUR LIFE!

Congratulations Flagstaff Junior High Wrestlers!

4th place in the whole state of Arizona is an incredible accomplishment. Your hardwork and competitive spirit placed you higher than any other year in Junior High history. Congratulations!

68 lbs Austin Gibson 5th

73 lbs Breanna Oconnor 5th

104 lbs. Brad Lindsay 3rd

118 lbs Jade Lloyd 3rd

200 lbs Roland Bahe 5th

Congratulations Flagstaff JV State Wrestlers!

Tommy Swimmer 3rd

Brad Skinner 2nd

John Lloyd 2nd

Preston Paddock 2nd

Chance Christenson 3rd

Congratulations Freshman State Wrestlers

Alex Selvy 1st

Duke Ayers 3rd

Josh Wilson 3rd

Ryan Markley 3rd

Flagstaff HS Grand Canyon Whitewater Rasslers

Nate, 3rd in State? Most Improved in 2008 because he put a quarter under his pillow for the Quick Ferry? Hardwork Baby!

There's nothing this team cannot accomplish. Well, maybe House Rock Rapid this time but "We'll be back!"

Motley Fierce Ugly Bunch